When I founded my business, I had one purpose in mind: create experiences that add value to peoples’ lives. Staying true to my values, I launched this platform in a bid to impact people in a more personal manner.

Over the past 15 years, I have been through life-changing experiences, good & bad, that shaped me into the person I am today. I failed more than I succeeded; and through failure I built courage & resilience.

This platform is an open space for inspirations, reflections, thoughts, ideas and opinions on life. It hosts a selection of personal writings, as well as one-on-one talks with inspirational poeple from different backgrounds.

The truth is I learn something new everyday, and I believe learning is only useful when shared!


I’ve Got My Eyes On You

Everything I do, is to do with people. I love telling people’s stories. I am captivated by the human behavior; how people act, react and interact. When I am surrounded by people, I cease to exist. I allow myself to dive into their eyes, live their lives and touch their souls.

Things I Learned Gazing at City Lights

I believe a beautiful city is one that looks as charming at night as it does during the day! As years passed me by, I learned to look beyond the mesmerizing glamour of city lights, wielding them as metaphorical triggers for deeper thoughts and reflections.