I’ve Got My Eyes On You

Everything I do, is to do with people.

I love telling people’s stories. I am captivated by the human behavior; how people act, react and interact. When I am surrounded by people, I cease to exist. I allow myself to dive into their eyes, live their lives and touch their souls.

Beautiful eyes captivate me. As a man who’s moved by people’s stories, there is nothing I find more mesmerizing than looking into the eyes of a stranger. I can do it for hours. Eyes can’t lie. They’re an ever-changing work of art. One that becomes more and more valuable as time passes by. The greatest gift you can offer someone is a glance into your soul. It’s a gesture of love and submission. It is a sign of strength and confidence.

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they look at you.

I always stare at people; in the street, on the tube, at the park. I observe them. I analyze them, I admire them. Our eyes are not created just to capture; They’re designed to project as well. They tell our stories, express our feelings and expose our emotions. However, the unfortunate fact of the matter is, our societies, values and cultures discourage us from making eye contact when it’s most required! They call it rudeness. While the reality is that nothing is more respectful than looking into one’s eyes. It proves that we are present, aware and interested.

Our Eyes look their best when they are looking at someone they care for.

They just light up! Eye contact is very important. It’s magical. What words can’t describe, your eyes could tell. I believe the hardest thing to do is to allow people in. Allowing them to touch our soul, tap into our darkest secrets and uncover our vulnerabilities. We all are vulnerable in a way or another. It is what makes us human. In fact, it is what makes us strong! Achieving full self-awareness requires that we stay on top of our weaknesses and in control of our strengths.

Be in control of your eyes, harness their power and encourage those around you to look you straight in the eye. You never know, they might just see you like they’ve never seen you before!

Watch the Thematic Video Here:


Cinematographer: Shaun Waldie

Special Thanks to all the beautiful people whose eyes are featured within the film.

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