Own Your Journey

Our life is one long journey cradling many others. Some journeys we choose, while others are chosen for us. Sometimes we fall into someone’s story as we are meant to lead a chapter or two in their life. Some other times, our journeys are shaped by people who are meant to mark our story with unforgettable defining moments.

When on a journey, reflect on yesterday and plan for tomorrow!

Respect the notion of time as with no time there is no story. And with no story there no journey. Make your “today” less about your “yesterday” and more about your “tomorrow”. Acknowledge that it takes time for dreams to become a reality. Make peace with the idea that with time, all pain will heal. Expect the unexpected but leave some space for the unknown; It’s where the magic happens!

When on a journey, live with passion and love with conviction! 

Give it your all and don’t look back. Develop your preferences and shape your style. Journeys are flexible. Some last longer than others, some are happier than others and some are more painful than others. But they are all just as magical. Every journey is a lesson, some scar us and some inspire us. Every journey is an opportunity, and opportunities are just as grand as you wish for them to be! Think big and don’t allow anyone to keep you from making the most out of every single moment in life.

When on a journey, be kind to yourself!

Accept your vulnerabilities, show off your strengths and embrace what makes you exceptional. But when the time comes to move on, do it. When the time comes to draw the line, do it. When the time comes to let go, do it. Let go gently, move on with dignity and remember that you are the only constant in your story. You are valuable too, You matter just as much and you deserve nothing less than the best!

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