The Day I Stopped Using My Head

This might come as a surprise to those who know me very well, but I am in fact a shy person. Well ish! I am absolutely frightened by the idea of approaching people and starting a conversation, let alone share my feelings with them! But that day, I chose to let my self out and be audacious! On my way to the gym, I passed by a girl I thought was beautiful. While I would have usually kept going, that day I stopped, walked back and told her that I thought she had one of the most beautiful faces I’ve ever seen. Of course she was shocked. In fact she said nothing. It could be that she did not expect a stranger to compliment her so boldly; certainly not while waiting at a bus stop. What I did might have frightened her, or on a more positive note, made her day. But the truth is, it actually made mine!

Doing something for the first time requires that you be completely fearless!

Speaking up your mind, quitting your job, following your passion, all are actions that require planing and hard work to complement, but above all, require courage. We don’t get to do something new and crazy everyday! Unless we choose to. Disappointment, failure and fear of the unknown are feelings we all experience. Some more than others. Yet those who manage to accept and embrace those feelings and build on them, are the ones that manage to make it happen, whatever it is they wish for.

I am surrounded by amazing people in my life. People who surely are smarter than I am, more skilled and more experienced. People with so much potential they could change the world! The only reason why they haven’t done it, is either because they constantly doubt their abilities or overthink it all in their heads!

Dreaming is what kills your reality. Thinking of something over and over again in your head to a level of intoxicating detail, often result in you not pursuing it. Our minds can be our greatest asset and our fiercest enemy. Talking from experience, we humans tend to fall in love with the idea of something so much that we enjoy the thought of it rather than the thing itself. Which eventually leads us to stoping at the idea and not making it real.

I find it essential that I push my limits a bit further everyday. I came to realize that learning is not a sport that is proprietary to the mind. True learning requires that we engage our whole body and soul. When you want to truly learn, you should not worry about the outcome. Focus on the process. Enjoy the experience. The outcome is the least important thing. Do something, reflect on it, then do it again differently. But most importantly, do it! Children are the best learners because they have fun doing it. They worry less about the consequences and immerse themselves in the action. And so they make the best out of it! As we grow older, we tend to build around us all kinds of social and psychological inhibitors that stop us from truly learning and most importantly truly immersing ourselves in our everyday life!

When I decided to launch this platform I was afraid. I still am. It is a big step. One which I have always thought about in my head, yet never done. Until this very day. This platform is as much about you as it is about me. And I truly hope that through sharing with you experiences, stories, learnings and reflections, you could start looking at life differently. Start living life as an opportunity to show the world what and who you really are! Embracing failure and appreciating your individuality. Because only then, you could truly say that you are alive!

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