Things I Learned Gazing at City Lights

I believe a beautiful city is one that looks as charming at night as it does during the day!

As years passed me by, I learned to look beyond the mesmerizing glamour of city lights, wielding them as metaphorical triggers for deeper thoughts and reflections.

City lights taught me to stay hopeful. We’ve all heard of the voice that breaks the silence. The light that mutes the darkness. The state of unpredictability that disturbs the norm. City lights are my muse. They are a reminder that no matter how dark things could get, there will come a time when a ray of light will break through. In oppose to being positive, hopefulness taught me to stay real. It gave me space to consider all possibilities, good and bad, positive and negative; rendering me more immune to what the future holds. I came to realize that hopefulness is not a state of positive wishfulness. It is a state of consideration, reflection and preparation. A state of mindful planing towards fulfilling my needs and desires.

City lights taught me to be thankful. As they hit my eyes with bright piercing sparkles, they remind me that another day has passed me by while a new one is yet to come. They remind me that a new opportunity awaits. A chance for me to do things differently; take bigger risks; and stay curious! City lights are periodic celebrations of my restless days and long nights. Celebrations of my sacrifices, failures and successes. As every night goes by, I am thankful for the excitement of what’s yet to come. Thankful for the opportunity to not just exist, but be alive.

City Lights taught me to respect the unknown. As scary as it sounds, the power of the unknown is one hell of a weapon which, when tamed, could serve as our strongest asset. The unknown is nothing less than an opportunity for us to appreciate every second of every day; as each second is yet another chance for us to shape our future and define our purpose. The very charm of the unknown lies in the fact that it enriches the notion of self-control where we, and only we, are in control of how our future unfolds.

Personally, I love strolling down the streets at night. I find it deeply therapeutic and inspiring. Next time you gaze at your city lights, take a moment and be hopeful, for hopefulness feeds the mind; Take a moment and be thankful, for thankfulness feeds the soul; Take a moment and appreciate the unknown, for it is a blessing enriching every day of our life.



Photographer: Shaun Waldie


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  1. Very interesting topic. I wanted to add a point with regards to the street lights during the night. These lights may not be as effective as day light, but they do present adaptability to the changes around. We need to always adapt in order to not stop our journey, regardless of the change of our surroundings.

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